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Towards Sustainability - Herausforderungen der Nachhaltigkeit

Comenius Team 2012-2013

In August 2012, the new Comenius team started to think sustainably. 16 members will dive into the challenges of sustainability to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and the impact of civilization and boldly go where no Emmy student has gone before. Our partners in Hyvinkää and Derry are doing the same in their realms and we all will meet in Derry in spring 2013 for our joint conference. See you there, guys, and greetings from Berlin.

Sebastian Huhn Josephine Schmidt Josephine Leonhardt Sonja Zierke Nora Bergmann Joshua Simon Madeleine Hintz Robert Blümel Florian Lemke Yannik Pötsch Tobias Schulz Julia Monkowiak Vanessa Richter Darlene Schreiter

Comenius Team

What is a Comenius-Project?

Supported by the European Union, the Comenius Project brings together schools from different countries from all over Europe.

In this project we work related to specific topics, involving various subjects and independent research. Its main purpose is to get students, but also the teachers, involved to exchange thoughts, opinions and experiences and to get to know different approaches to the seemingly very obvious.

The products created in workshops and during the exchange visits are documented on a website and through wikis, on DVD and in print. The work on the various topics is intensified during project weeks in each partner school. At least three schools from different countries are involved in the project.

"Towards Sustainability" is a pupils' exchange programme, in which Germany, Finland and Northern Ireland are participating. We are exchanging experiences and comparing everyday perspectives of a sustainable lifestyle. This is mainly about becoming aware of how to deal with things differently, different approaches and ways of solving conflicts.

The following schools will be part of the adventure from 2011-2013:

Hyvinkään Sveitsin Lukio, Hyvinkää (Finland) http://www.hyvinkaa.fi/kasvatus-ja-opetus/Lukiot2/Hyvinkaan-Sveitsin-lukio2/Allgemeines/ )

St. Columb's College, Derry (Northern Ireland)http://www.stcolumbs.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=292:comenius-project-towards-sustainability&catid=48:community-news&Itemid=131 )

Emmy-Noether-Schule, Berlin www.emmy-noether-schule.de )

Our partner schools from 2008-2010 (Project "Crossing Borders - Images of Identity"):

Augustinuscollege, Groningen ( www.augustinuscollege.nl )

Hasan Yuesel Highschool, Ankara ( www.yucel.k12.tr )

Our partners beyond the classroom (2008-2010):

Bettina Liedtke, M.A. (Get IT - Technische Universität Berlin, Zentrale Schulkoordination)

Grit Kümmele (Intercultural Training) 



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